Lowongan kerja terbaru BUMN PT. Pusri (persero)

Lowongan kerja terbaru  BUMN PT. Pusri (persero) palembang

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 Company profile:
Pt. Pusri Founded on December 24, 1959, PT Fertilizer Indonesia (Persero) is a State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) were formerly known as the Fertilizer Sriwidjaja PT (Persero) or PUSRI (Persero) as the first manufacturer of urea fertilizer in Indonesia.

Head Office
Jalan Mayor Zen, Palembang 30118
Phone : (62-711) 712111, 712222
Fax : (62-711) 712100, 712020
E-mail : info@pusri.co.id/ humas@pusri.co.id
Website : http:/www.pusri.co.id
In order to meet the workforce needs PT Fertilizer Sriwidjaya Palembang (Pusri) back job opening through the existing system of recruitment of 164 recruitment Pusri candidates is that shared high school education, diploma, bachelor.
tests will be carried out in two places, namely:

1.Campus Unsri bukit besar palembang
2.Stekpi Kalibata, Jakarta.

For the selection process for general recruitment begins with the registration of participants oline
Remain online registration started the 10-14 September 2013 Registration closed 14 September 2013 at 24.00 in http://www.rekrutmenpusri.com

Formation about detail how the amount received high school, degree or diploma will be how it is still being sealed later.
Applicants years ago 9 thousand people and accepted 159 of the 170 of the formation. There is unallocated.
"Indeed, components for testers from here, from the English Language Institute. Correction of the machine.
The first test 22 September 2013. Atitude test. If passed, followed by TPA test (specifically S1) and toefl (specifically S1 and D3). Participants who pass the psychological test will continue. The latter will do a medical and user interviews.
final announcement will be conducted on October 25, 2013

for more information and for those of you who are interested please do register online at http://www.rekrutmenpusri.com

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